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afPE Conference

Posted by drilly on July 2, 2008

I am currently just outside Chester attending the afPE conference “Hitting the targets missing the point”. I am attending both as a delegate and a presenter. Happy to report that our workshop went well. I was presenting as part of a team from Glasgow University and the work they are doing with the PG Primary PE course. My input centred on what is happening nationally with PE in Scotland in terms of Curriculum for Excellence and the opportunities this presents to educators. Secondly how Glow can facilitate CPD, collaboration, sharing practice, learning and debate between educators. Providing a portal for teachers who have completed the PG Primary PE course to continue their engagement and professional reflection.

It was also great to meet Brian Greg who was also part of the presenting team. I have exchanged emails and Blog comments with but not actually met him in person. Brian has recently been appointed as the Head Teacher at Muck school. It was interesting talking to Brian who like myself has a healthy interest in both PE and ICT. He is really excited about the potential for using Glow but has some interesting challenges to deal with. The satellite broadband connection for one which affords little more speed and bandwidth than a dial up connection. The intermittent power to the Island 5 hours of electricity per day. All of which leads to a rather frustrating Glow experience for him. However undeterred he has started a new blog from Muck which he has at times had to save posts on  a flash drive and post to his friend on the mainland to upload as it would take too long to upload from the island.

Tom Wylie’s former Chief Executive of the National Youth Agency from 1996 and retired in August 2007 keynote raised some interesting points and questions. 60% of Children are doing well at school 40% are not doing so well. That 40% can be further subdivided into the disappointed (getting by but not enjoying it), the disaffected and the disappeared (getting nowhere).

Very few young people do not learn a skill for its own sake they learn a skill because it will take them somewhere. This comes from their perception of their identity how they see themselves and where they are heading. Learning has to connect with the real world as young people want to be viewed as adults they want to engage in the real world.

Averaged out young people spend only “9 minutes” of every waking hour at school. What do we know about what they are doing off campus the other “51 minutes”. What do we know about the informal learning world beyond the school and how can we engage with it?

We don’t deliver a curriculum that conveys a prepackaged off the shelf inflexible model. We should develop the curriculum in partnership with the learners so it best meets their needs.

Margaret Talbot Chief Executive of afPE delivered her keynote “Physical education: exercising the entitlement” after a slight delay. One of my colleagues who shall remain nameless (as Margaret is not a woman you want to upset!) accidentally lifted Margaret’s presentation notes whilst retrieving her own from our workshop.

As usual Margaret was not backward at coming forward and voicing her concerns about what is happening around PE and sport in England. One of her points that strikes particular resonance with me is the issue of measuring the time allocated to PE but not actually measuring the quality of that PE. I have raised this before in relation to Scotland what is the point in meeting the target if what you are offering is not high quality.


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New Case Study on LTS PE Website

Posted by drilly on July 1, 2008

Read more about the Glasgow Developmental PE programme case study on the LTS PE Website.

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Here We Go Again

Posted by drilly on June 20, 2008

The 2 hour PE target takes another twist it seems like the LA’s are questioning the validity of the target read the full article in the TESS

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Cycle Friendly Schools Award (Primary)

Posted by drilly on May 28, 2008

Cycling Scotland recently launched the Cycle Friendly schools award for primary schools. The aim of the new scheme is to encourage cycling as part of the whole school culture and contribute to increasing the number of children cycling to and at school.  The Award is part of a whole school approach to cycling which can contribute to health promoting school and Eco-School initiatives.  Additionally, the scheme links directly with cycle training that is offered at school in particular the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme and Cycling Scotland’s Ready Steady Bike and Go ByCycle programmes.


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Roehampton Primary PE Conference

Posted by drilly on March 19, 2008

4th Roehampton Primary physical education conference‘Health and Inclusion: Providing a high quality experience for all’Friday 25th April 2008 10:00AM – 4:00PM Froebel College Roehampton University London

This one-day conference aims to bring together practitioners who are working in early years’ and primary physical education to share ideas and good practice.

Booking Form

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The Challenge facing PE and School sport in England

Posted by drilly on February 3, 2008

Faster higher stronger the Olympian challenge facing school sports This is an intersting article providing an overview of PE and school sport in England.

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Sports Colleges conference

Posted by drilly on February 2, 2008

I have just returned from 2 wonderful days in Telford at the Sports Colleges Conference. This is the largest event of its type in Europe if not the world with well in excess of 2000 delegate in attendance

Read the conference report

All the speakers and keynotes were excellent but the stand out for me was Erin Gruwell Freedom Writers Foundation as she freedomdiary.jpgtold the story of how she worked in Wilson High School in Long Beach, California with some very disaffected and disadvantaged pupils. The story of their learning journey together is absolutely awe inspiring and has recently been made into a film Watch the trailer below


The workshops were excellent and I took a lot from them. I am specifically going to follow up on a prototype camera the Evaluator that one of the schools is developing. It is basically a £30 pound video camera very child friendly with an inbuilt screen for instant playback. You could buy a set of 15 for the price of a standard video camera and deploy them 1 between 2 in a class for gathering data analysing performance etc. They could be used across the school in many departments not just PE and they save the videos in AVI format which can be uploaded to a PC for editing or storage. Hopefully be able to write a bit more about this in the near future.

A number of things really hit home during the conference. The level of Governmental support surpasses anything we have in Scotland. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport, Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, the Rt. Hon Ed Balls and the sports minister, Gerry Sutcliffe were all present and all spoke at the conference pledging their support for PE and school sport read more. The level of additional Government funding totally eclipses the spending in Scotland: £1.2 billion up to 2008 with a further £100 million announced last year to support a target of 5 hours PE and sport per week for all pupils, an additional £30 million to support facilities in Sports Colleges announced by Ed Balls on Thursday and then an additional £750 million announced by Gordon Brown on Friday.

The other blaringly obvious fact is that in Sue Campbell PE and Sport in England have a champion who is operating at the highest political level, has the ear of the ministers and more importantly is being listened to. We have nobody doing this in Scotland we don’t even have an advisory group informing the political debate and given the Scottish Governments desire to streamline I doubt we will have one either.


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New PE video on teachers TV

Posted by drilly on January 29, 2008

Teachers TV has released a new video on swimming view it here you can also download ttv_logo_287x136.jpgsupporting documentation.

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New Case Studies on LTS PE website

Posted by drilly on January 24, 2008

Check out the sharing practice section of the LTS PE website for several new case studies covering examples from both primary and secondary PE.

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Gymnastics CPD opportunity

Posted by drilly on January 9, 2008

Top gymnastics training course 28/02/08 further details in the link below

Top Gymnastics Course

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