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A National PE Wiki your subject needs you

Posted by drilly on March 12, 2008


In a recent post about Higher and Int 2 resources I alluded to the Banchory PE wiki and the possibility of sharing resources by creating a PE swap shop. Well Lorna, Scott and Barry three teachers working in Scottish schools have taken it upon themselves to develop a wiki to share PE resources Obviously Banchory Academy has willingly contributed to this resource but here is my challenge will you do likewise. We have the chance to create something unique to benefit us all. If you have something to contribute to the site email it to Lets go for it and build an incredible online resource for everyone.

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SQA Understanding Standards Website

Posted by drilly on January 27, 2008

I am not sure how aware PE teachers are of the existence of the SQA understanding standards website 

The PE pages contain information on Intermediate 1 & 2 and Higher. The site has an overview of “Analysis and Development of performance” in all 4 areas of the course and also has examples of external exam questions with pupil responses that you can practice marking, then compare your grades to official markers grades. The site also provides the same facility for practical performance but you have to log in to access videos of pupils performing. The SQA coordinator for your establishment should be able to provide you with the login details. My only criticism is that there are not more examples and more up to date examples.

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Dumfries And Galloway PE Conference 28/11/07

Posted by drilly on December 1, 2007

Well done to Kay Gibson for organising a wonderful conference. Richard Bailey was as thought provoking and entertaining as usual and the range of workshops on offer was excellent.

I was asked to present on using ICT in PE and as promised I am going to summarise what I talked about/demonstrated and provide links for all those who attended my workshop and those who foolishly decided to go elsewhere but will eventually wish they came to my workshop.

I started off discussing the LTS PE website and the various documentation, case studies and resources available to support and inform learning and teaching. I also wanted to show my blog and wiki but unfortunately the sites were blocked by the school. For those of you who want to know a bit more about blogging I previously posted this video explaining blogging in simple terms . If you want to give blogging a go check out this post on my school blog containing tutorials on setting up and using wordpress blogs and using netvibes.

Another web based resource you may find useful is the PE bookmarks I have set up using delicious. You may want to consider setting this up for your PE department to tag interesting sites or share frequently visited sites with pupils. This can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection

The next software I demonstrated was Observing Children Moving and how it could be used as a teacher or indeed a pupil resource. You can watch a review of this software on this Teachers TV video. The video also reviews 2 other pieces of software for use in PE.

The next piece of software I discussed was Textaloud MP3 and how I used it as a text reader and its ability to turn text into an MP3 audio file to create revision resources. However you heard that the voice can become a bit difficult to listen to for an extended period of time. We have started to use Audacity to create and edit our own audio files using our own voices. We are in the process of teaming up with the Do Be team to try and produce some  audio and eventually video resources to support certificate PE.

The next pieces of software I discussed using were from Birchfield these included the PE specific content in the  lesson kits and lesson builder  and the Quiz Genie. Using the lesson kit I explained how you could use the predetermined content to run ready made multi media lessons to bring topics to life you can then use the quizzes and interactive activities to reinforce learning and check understanding. I then explained how you can use the lesson builder module to tailor the content to your own needs and create new lessons that use the Birchfield resources and/or your own resources.

Using the Quiz Genie I demonstrated how to make and play interactive PE quizzes and games. I discussed how they can be incorporated into practical lessons during non playing time in activities such as badminton and basketball. I referred to the “stealth learning” effect where the pupils are engaged in playing games and don’t actually comprehend that they are learning the theory or the “boring bit” of PE as pupils often call it.

However if we just use the Birchfield or any similar resource to create lessons which we deliver to the pupils I think we are missing a trick and really all we are doing is a 21st century version of chalk and talk with bells and whistles added.  Use it for active learning give the pupils a task to design a presentation that allows them to incorporate text, audio, video animation and deliver it the rest of the class. Allow them to design the quizzes or drag and drop activities for each other then play them. This will develop ICT skills, literacy, communication and engage the pupils in the theory and in my opinion reinforce learning in a powerful way . How often have we said the pupils are great during practical but when we try to teach them any theory they switch off.

The last part of the presentation focused on Dartfish. I began giving an overview of the “player module” and how we use it with a bank of model performances or inspirational clips. We use these a focus for the lesson the video clips are our WALT and WILF for those of you familiar with AiFL. I then moved on to the “in the action module” using “Live Delay” and how it can be used with a class to give lots of visual feedback very simply and quickly. Then on to gathering clips and using some of the drawing tools like my favourite the “clone tool”.  I then moved on to comparing performances with a model performer and using the different options; side by side, picture in picture and basic blend. As I did all of this I demonstrated all these functions on the remote control which is brilliant as you can move away from the computer.

I then moved on to the “analyser module” and explained how to edit a new movie and add drawings to it, how to use the print facility to produce worksheets and finally media-books. I explained how we are using the media books to complete the NAB in Higher and Int 2 PE. The fact that the pupils can create a multimedia workbook with text video and audio is more engaging for the pupils and quicker and easier to complete than the NAB logbook. We have also used the media-books to complete Standard Grade evaluating questions. I highlighted a number of whole school uses and the ability to create teaching, CPD resources and pupil tasks. I also mentioned that the media books can be shared and then viewed with a free piece of software Dartviewer that can be downloaded from Dartfish. You can also download a free trial version but be sure to check out the system requirements to ensure your computer can run the software.

You can also get a bit more of an insight into Dartfish on my previous post “Using Dartfish at Stirling University” There are photos, a video clip to view and a Dartfish user guide that you can download and use.

Links to other websites I referred to during the presentation:

iTunes   Teachers TV PE videos   iDance   Get Physical

An hour and a quarter was too short to talk about this topic I didn’t even get near using mobile phones and the potential of these devices. If any one wishes to discus anything regarding the presentation write a comment in this post. Go on I know you want to. You can also email me at or call me on 01382 443613 or my mobile 07811214922. I look forward to continued engagement.

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SQA Physical Education Course Report and Principal Assessors Reports

Posted by drilly on November 27, 2007

The SQA has published Principal Assessors reports and the course report on PE you can access the reports here. Below is the general summary from the PE subject report.

There is a very encouraging uptake trend at all levels of courses in Physical Education, candidate entries have increased in 2007.

Evidence shows that Centres are becoming more comfortable with the demands of the question papers at all National Qualification levels and candidates’ responses are demonstrating improved performances. At all levels, the Principal Assessors’ reports have commented on the difficulty that candidates have in giving full responses to questions about applied knowledge. This is an area where there could be improvement

The Practical Performance at all levels continues to be a great strength of the course and many candidates perform at levels above the course entry. Visiting verifiers commented on the very high standard of teachers’ understanding of national standards and commend them for the professional way in which they hosted the events. Central Verification of Analysis and Development of Performance Unit (NAB) showed that candidates’ work was better than in previous years.

We continue to provide support centres and have published new exemplification of candidates’ responses to (NABs) at Intermediate 1 / 2 and Higher levels on the website as well as candidate responses to the NABs and Report at Advanced Higher level.

New material at Higher, Intermediate 1 / 2 levels is currently being produced for the Understanding Standards Website.

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Posted by drilly on November 27, 2007

The SQA have made their past papers available for download for free you can access the PE papers here

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