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Mountain Biking at Golspie High

Posted by drilly on May 28, 2008

Wim Chalmet at Golspie High School has been doing some great work introducing alternative activities in PE. I am really impressed with how he is taking mountain biking forward. The video below shows some of the highlights thus far.

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PE 2.0

Posted by drilly on March 22, 2008

There is a small but significant revolution going on in the practice of some enlightened PE teachers around the country. I am delighted to be part of it and hope that in some way I have been a bit of catalyst for some of it. One of the most rewarding elements of doing this job over the past 2 years is when you introduce fellow practitioners to ideas and they take them and develop them to support their own practice. An increasing number of PE teachers I have presented to are discovering blogs and wikis. The latest to join the PE 2.0 revolution is Wim Chalmet who is developing a wiki that supports the Practical Twilight CPD inputs for teachers in Rosshire and Sutherland in Highland. I think this is another great resource as it is targeting alternative activities to enhance and challenge the traditional PE curriculum such as Omnikin, Korfball, Ultimate Frisbee. These are backed up with videos from youtube and documents and resources so the teachers who attend the courses have reference materials. I found Omnikin quite intriguing you can watch the video below. Another bonus of this wiki  is the fact it is available for those teachers who are unable to attend one of the twilight sessions they can still get some useful information. Finally and maybe most importantly it is encouraging the sharing of resources and ideas something which we could all be doing a little better in my opinion

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New PE Dance Videos On Teachers TV

Posted by drilly on February 11, 2008

ttv_logo_287x136.jpgThere are 2 new videos to check out on teachers TV focusing on dance within PE and specifically aimed at encouraging boys to dance.

You should be dancing Male student teachers talk about overcoming the stigma of being a dancer, discuss the balance that dance gives to the curriculum and explore the benefits of men teaching dance.

Boy you can dance  Ricardo Green, a newly qualified PE teacher at Cumberland Specialist Sports College, attempts to introduce dance to his reluctant Year 9 boys.

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National PE Conference Places Going Fast

Posted by drilly on November 15, 2007

You will need to be quick if you want to book a palce at the PE conference booking is due to close on the 30th of November. I have had a number of enquires about what exactly body combat is watch the video to get an idea of what it is.

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Wii Fit

Posted by drilly on November 10, 2007

An interesting post on Ollie Bray’s blog about Wii fit  you can watch a video demo too.

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Ballroom Dancing in PE

Posted by drilly on October 6, 2007

An interesting blog from a dance teacher about taking ballroom dancing into PE.

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American Pupils Blogging About PE

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes! A copule of American high school pupils blogging about making PE more engaging relevant and exciting. Some interesting ideas. Read The Blog

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National PE Conference Body Combat and Cheer Leading

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007

This week I had the privilege of watching two young enthusiastic and motivated PE ma.jpgteachers delivering alternative activities with groups of pupils. David Taylor at ST Columba’s School in Perth introduced me to the energetic and exciting fitness activity of body combat. An exercise and fitness activity that uses martial arts kicks, punches, blocks, jumps, and turns set to high tempo funky beats. I thought it was brilliant it was engaging it was energetic and what a fitness work out.

Kelly Whittington at Graeme High in Falkirk blew away all my misconceptions aboutcheer.jpg Cheer Leading. What I saw was absolutely fantastic, not a pom-pom or ra-ra in sight. What I saw was a dynamic activity incorporating lifts, jumps, stunts and balances taught in such an enthusiastic and engaging manner that all the girls gave of their all. As well as developing complex technical skills, it was an incredibly demanding workout for the girls. The girls were all shapes and sizes and levels of ability but everyone worked to their full capabilities and were challenged to do so by an effervescent committed teacher.

You can see both these teachers working with their pupils in the practical workshops at the National PE Conference on the 19th December at Stirling University and Management Centre

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Abronhill High School Mountain biking in PE lessons

Posted by drilly on September 20, 2007

Abronhill High school in North Lanarkshire has entered in to partnership with the Forestry Commission and Cycling Scotland to deliver a programme of Mountain Biking as part of their PE curriculum. Read about it in this article in The Scotsman. Yet again another example of a PE department thinking outside the box to adopt alternative activities to engage their pupils. The Forestry Commission is developing some fantastic mountain biking resources all over Scotland Check them out here

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Alternative Activities For PE

Posted by drilly on August 28, 2007

One message that seems to be coming through loud and clear is that we can no longer continue to offer pupils a PE curriculum that consists solely of traditional team games. We need to offer pupils a wide variety of activities in addition to these games that caters for the diverse range of interests of pupils. Perhaps the “sports inventors” take it a stage too far though! Enjoy the clip.

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