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Iain Stanger

I am Principal Teacher Faculty Health and Wellbeing at Aberdeen Grammar School in Aberdeen in Scotland. Decided to start this blog to share information and thoughts about PE, Sport, Physical Activity and a bit of Technology.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi

    I Have added your blog to a Google Map I am making up to show the distribution of bloggers in Scotland. . You can get the rationale and a link via my blog.


  2. Russell Imrie said

    Hi Iain
    Loving your blog work its great. Could you check out my article below and my blogs.

    Any help or advice you could give to take this forward would be great.


  3. drilly said

    Russell its great to find another PE colleague using blogs keep up the good work

  4. Murray Hamilton said

    Hi Iain,
    I enjoyed the lecture at Stratclyde on Tuesday. I think i have managed to set up the correct pages and netvibe stuff. Hopefully be able to use the blogs in the future. I also set up a page.. (Muzzyin) I hope it worked.

    Thanks again


  5. drilly said

    Glad you enjoyed it Murray let me know when you get your Blog set up.

  6. phyzzed said


    found you at last!!! where have you been hiding over the last few months? congratulatons on the new job. as you are aware we have now got things moving with apfe scotland, board have been elected and first meeting is taking place in stirling on the 3rd oct 1900hrs where the constitution will be formally adopted.

    give me a call or drop me a line.


  7. drilly said

    Hi Doug I cant make the 3rd I am heading Across to Ireland to speak at a conference.

  8. Hi Iain,

    I wanted to say that I really like your blog. I am starting FitZees, a childhood obesity prevention organization, in the United States and would love to speak with you about what has worked and not in your experience.

    I really enjoyed your the article about exergaming because I am thinking of incorporating it into FitZees programming. My website is and the accompanying blog is Well, I would love to learn from you and your experiences and I look forward to speaking with you soon.



  9. clarks76 said

    H Iain,

    Could you please add the Duncanrig PE blog to your links

    The site is still in it’s infancy but we hope to push more and more pupil traffic through where possible.

    Thanks in advance


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