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PE 2.0

Posted by drilly on October 24, 2008

Another Scottish school has recently adopted web2.0 technology within the PE department

Inverness High School wiki

One Response to “PE 2.0”

  1. pezone said

    The PE Zone
    The association for Physical Education(UK) recently launched the BETA version of the PE Zone – , this platform offers a compilation of diverse resources, complemented by a PE professional networking tool and project management application. Through effective collaboration and networking this platform has the potential to become a one stop for all Physical Education professionals. All PE practitioners are encouraged to visit the site and begin using it, as this is a BETA version the development team are keen to hear from all users with suggestions and ideas, through this process it will be possible to ensure that the platform evolves into a robust tool for the profession. The team can be contacted at

    CPD Online Project

    With the support of the TDA, afPE has initiated a new CPD online project and as part of this afPE aims to consult with a wide swath of PE professionals to ensure that the material is able to support effective delivery of national curriculum PE outcomes.

    Draft material will be listed on the PE Zone and you are encouraged to register and offer comments and ideas for further development; the team aims to include wherever possible these in a manner that will ensure that the final product is as useful as possible to the widest cross section of users. Please visit the PE Zone ( and register on the site and make sure you tick the box to be part of the CPD Consultation team. This will then give you access to the private documentation area, where the first consultation material is available.

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