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Sprint Your Way to a Better Volcabulary: Quick Learners!!

Posted by drilly on June 8, 2008

No this is not a CfE “rich task” but is an article about exercise and learning or more precisely exercise intensity and its effects on learning. Unlike the article I referred to in a previous post this one sites the research source, a definite improvement. The article suggests that research on college athletes indicates that after bursts of intense sprinting they were better able to learn and retain information both over the short and long term. The article finishes by stating

This paper illustrates how we could capitalize on some of that compensatory biology to do a little multitasking. Get some quick exercise in, and while you’re recovering teach yourself a new language. I’m not saying this approach will work for everyone, or for every type of learning, but the possibilities are there; and the combinations will be virtually endless.”

Certainly gives me a new understanding of the term “quick learner”. Maybe that’s where I have been going wrong trying to learn some French for my upcoming trip to Switzerland this summer.

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