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Mountain bike madness

Posted by drilly on May 14, 2008

Mountain biking seems to be taking over my life at the moment. I recently completed training so I could lead groups in Aberdeenshire and found it really enjoyable. The school has just taken delivery of the first 8 Giant Terrago Mountain bikes that we won funding from the Norwich Union community sports fund . There are another 16 of the bikes on the way I cant wait.

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I have also signed up to do the Corrieyairack Challenge on my Mountain bike to raise money for the Speyside trust, which provides holiday facilities, respite care and outdoor adventure for the disabled. I have set up a fundraising page which you can access at I have been trying to get a bit of training in for this and spent last Saturday on the trails at Glentress and the Saturday before at Pitfichie/Whitehills. I am really starting to get in to it.

Next week I have a week of Mountain biking with a group of 11 pupils as part of the Schools activity week. We are going to do a bit of everything from bike maintenance, to trail side repairs, skills and challenges and plenty of riding on local routes as well a days ride from the Nordic centre in Huntly. I think I am more excited than the pupils!

3 Responses to “Mountain bike madness”

  1. Andy Boyle said


    Sounds great. We got bikes about 2 months ago and have been doing curricular and extra curricular. Problem is, Cycle Scotland cancelled our course so dont have my leaders award yet therefore cant take pupils outside school grounds, so having to make do. Was wandering what skills and challenges you will be doing as that sort of thing would suit us in the mean time, until I get my leaders award. Also, do you have a trailer to carry the bikes on to go excursions, if so, how much did it cost? I have some lessons and activiities typed up. If you would like a look at them, i can email them to you.

    Andy Boyle (Garnock Academy)

  2. drilly said

    Hi Andy that’s great news about the bikes pity about the course though. I will send you through a copy of a document I picked up its OK it has some ideas but a lot of what I am going to do I picked up from the course might be easier to talk over the phone give me a call on the LTS mobile no . We are really lucky that we have a lot of good features in and around the school grounds and we have a substantial section of woods a trails within 5 minutes of the school. We don’t have a trailer yet.

  3. Wim Chalmet said

    Hi Andy,Iain,

    We bought a trailer for 20 bikes – which has to a braked one for the weight – for £ 2100 in Inverness. Great trailer – quality! I think you can get a cheaper one from a company in Wales but the expenses to get it up north to Golspie was really expensive.

    Exercises from TCL are definitely usable in school. A level 2 cycle coach course (with Go ride booklet) is definitely interesting. Loads of good ideas.

    Wim Chalmet (Golspie High)

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