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Health and Wellbeing the outcomes are here.

Posted by drilly on May 14, 2008

The CfE Health and Wellbeing outcomes were released yesterday and can be down loaded here

Don’t forget to download the”Health and wellbeing for all” paper as well as the actual outcomes. The following section is reproduced from the paper and sets out the current position on PE in Scotland. It seems pretty positive to me.

“Physical education provides the foundation for the development of concepts and skills necessary for participation in physical activity. It should inspire and challenge children and young people through opportunities to experience the joy of skilled, creative and efficient movement and to develop interpersonal skills and positive attitudes to active living. This should give children and young people an important foundation for engaging in physical activities and sport, in preparation for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
While Curriculum for Excellence gives both freedom and responsibility to those planning and delivering the curriculum, the Scottish Government expects schools to continue to work towards the provision of two hours of good quality PE for each child every week. This commitment will be reflected in Building the Curriculum 3: A framework for learning and teaching. Physical activity and sport will take place in addition to planned PE sessions, at break times and lunchtimes and beyond the school day. Taken together, the experiences and outcomes in physical education, physical activity and sport are intended to establish the pattern of daily physical activity which, research has shown, is most likely to lead to sustained physical activity in adult life.”

Health and wellbeing for all 2008

This sentiment is echoed in this Government news release

In my opinion the Health and wellbeing outcomes are the most important set of outcomes to be released, and not just the physical but the whole range as in my mind health and wellbeing is central to the quality of our lives and is a precursor for effective learning and development.

Along side the HWb outcomes the Government has also published the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Scotland Act: Health promotion guidance for local authorities and schools. This can be downloaded here This guidance supports local authorities and schools, and managers of grant-aided schools, in working with partner agencies to meet the duty to ensure that all schools are health promoting, as set out in the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007

One Response to “Health and Wellbeing the outcomes are here.”

  1. Russell Imrie said

    Slightly more positive in that the word “expects” has replaced the previous “recommended” guideline. However, the Governments commitment is greatly weakened by the words, “work towards.” This produces a lack of clarity and does not enforce schools to meet the target. It will be interesting to see what happens from here…

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