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My LTS secondment draws to a close

Posted by drilly on March 29, 2008

My secondment with Learning and Teaching Scotland as PE development officer has come to an end and I will be returning to teach at Banchory Academy after the Easter holidays. Whilst I must admit I am looking forward to getting back to teaching I can honestly say that my 2 years with LTS has professionally and personally been the most rewarding of my career to date. I have really enjoyed my time and thrived working in an environment with so many positive, innovative and knowledgeable colleagues. LTS is such a dynamic and energised organisation that offered so many opportunities to become involved in work that was outside my core remit that I found it almost impossible to say no to getting involved in a number of diverse projects. In fact on reflection I over committed myself but in all honesty it was so enjoyable that at times it didn’t even feel like work. It just felt like an incredibly exciting journey. I would wholeheartedly recommend LTS to any colleague who was considering applying for a position with the organisation.

This secondment has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and expertise within PE, to network and establish a wealth of contacts and visit a number of parts of Scotland I had never been to before. The secondment has also helped me to evaluate and further develop my own thinking about physical education and education in general. I definitely have a much better appreciation of the bigger picture.

When I applied for the job I stated on my application that “Physical Education would have a specific point of reference within the organisation where people could come to for support and advice and there would be an increased number of resources available to support the delivery of Physical Education, all of which would serve to enhance the reputation of Learning and Teaching Scotland” I am going to be atypically Scottish here and suggest that this is something that I have done extremely well. I know form PE colleagues comments that the profile and value of LTS has been raised significantly in their opinion. The PE website and the 2 extremely successful conferences rank most highly within their plaudits. In fact I may have left LTS with a bit of a problem as the PE profession have had their expectations raised and want more of the same in the future.

Another big plus of working for LTS was the range of opportunities to further develop my knowledge and use of ICT. It was a fantastic to look at what was happening within Glow and across all the educational sectors and subjects and look at how the innovative use of ICT could be applied to PE. This has become a bit of a passion of mine and one that is starting to rub off on a number of colleagues. However as a subject we have a long way to go to get everyone on board there are a lot of entrenched attitudes “It cant be real physical education if the pupils are using a computer” is not an uncommon sentiment. My retort  “it depends what you allow the pupils to do with the computer or any other ICT for that matter”

Another major influence on my ICT journey was entering the blogosphere and yet again I have to thank an LTS colleague Derek for kick starting my blogging. Being able to follow and interact on the blogs of LTS colleagues such as Ewan and Laurie and innovative educators all over the country and indeed across the world has challenged my thinking and been some of the best CPD for me.

Working for LTS exceeded all my expectations and I know that I am going back to the educational chalk face a much better person for it. Thanks to all the wonderful colleagues within LTS and across the country who I worked alongside, who supported my work and made my secondment so enjoyable and rewarding.

3 Responses to “My LTS secondment draws to a close”

  1. Ian,
    Thanks for taking the time to write this. It was a pleasure to have you on secondment to LTS. I am delighted that you enjoyed your time with us and that you found the work to be professionally stimulating.

    Stay in touch and all the best for a glowing future (:


  2. Hi Iain,

    Good luck with your new role. I know that the P.E and Active Schools staff here in Highland really appreciated your advice, guidance and support either through the website or your visits to INSET. Your post is a great advert for secondments and how to record your learning journey.

    I know that colleagues in Oral Health were also hoping to continue the work on Tooth Trauma kits! I hear it’s been launched at the Shinty Festival here in June.

    Best wishes – Louise

  3. miranda moodie said

    Hi Ian
    You met one of my colleagues Jennie with the Tooth trauma kits and water bottles at the Highland PE inset day in Feb …would still like to proceed and perhaps even include in course syllabus for teachers… I know you’re moved on but do you have a contact to discuss at LTScotland? We ‘ve started with secondary schools but would like to branch out to primary schools
    Cheers Miranda

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