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PE 2.0

Posted by drilly on March 22, 2008

There is a small but significant revolution going on in the practice of some enlightened PE teachers around the country. I am delighted to be part of it and hope that in some way I have been a bit of catalyst for some of it. One of the most rewarding elements of doing this job over the past 2 years is when you introduce fellow practitioners to ideas and they take them and develop them to support their own practice. An increasing number of PE teachers I have presented to are discovering blogs and wikis. The latest to join the PE 2.0 revolution is Wim Chalmet who is developing a wiki that supports the Practical Twilight CPD inputs for teachers in Rosshire and Sutherland in Highland. I think this is another great resource as it is targeting alternative activities to enhance and challenge the traditional PE curriculum such as Omnikin, Korfball, Ultimate Frisbee. These are backed up with videos from youtube and documents and resources so the teachers who attend the courses have reference materials. I found Omnikin quite intriguing you can watch the video below. Another bonus of this wiki  is the fact it is available for those teachers who are unable to attend one of the twilight sessions they can still get some useful information. Finally and maybe most importantly it is encouraging the sharing of resources and ideas something which we could all be doing a little better in my opinion

One Response to “PE 2.0”

  1. pezone said

    The association for Physical Education has just launched a BETA version of the PE Zone – This site is a compilation of resources along with a PE social network and project management tool. With enough collaboration and networking this website will become the one stop site for all Physical Education teachers needs. If there is any difficulty with the site or registration issues all users can contact

    Those of you who wish to become content publishers please contact us and we can discuss possibilities.

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