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HMIE: Physical Education: A portrait of current practice in Scottish schools and pre-school centres

Posted by drilly on March 12, 2008

The HMIE has just published Physical Education:  A portrait of current practice in Scottish schools and pre-school centres 

This is the first PE focused report issued by the HMIE for a number of years. The report is based on evidence obtained from HMIE visits to schools during the period 2002 to 2007 and sets out to relate existing pedagogy and curricular provision to the aspirations of Curriculum for Excellence. The report is also intended to stimulate debate about teaching for effective learning and challenge us all to review the extent to which current practice is successfully promoting the four capacities in all young learners.

To achieve these aims the report is punctuated with suggestions of the possible characteristics learners in physical education may exhibit in relation to the four capacities.  The report also includes examples of interesting practice and questions to challenge us to reflect upon current practice.

I think this is really helpful and it will be welcomed by the PE profession but my concern is that it becomes the definitive list as it has the HMIE badge. I can almost hear the computers whirring to life to convert this report to a Curriculum for Excellence tick list. I think the key point to remember is that these are only suggestions and whilst I would not argue against the inclusion of any of the characteristics etc neither would I want this to be the gold standard that everyone adopts as that would stifle innovation and suggests that excellence has an end point. I don’t believe that we can truly have a Curriculum for Excellence unless we are committed to continually improving, devloping and challenging what was previously regarded as excellent.

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