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Dartfish Developments

Posted by drilly on March 12, 2008

logo.gifFor those of you who know me or follow this blog you will know that my video analysis software package of choice is Dartfish for its usability, range of tools, remote control and media books are a few of the reasons why. A number of PE teachers around the country are also discovering the value of the package. Kevin  Smith in Anderson High School in Shetland has been doing some sterling work developing media book resources to support his courses.

Looking to the future there are a couple of exciting developments on the horizon. Firstly there is the Dartfish online video platform. Imagine an online environment where you can upload and download videos but with a Dartfish twist in the mix. The videos can have key positions and comments embedded adding value and increasing the usability. Imagine being able to download videos uploaded by top coaches and educators with key teaching points and tips embedded. I also think there is real scope for using it with pupils in conjunction with Glow to create meaningful and personalised learning contexts.

The second development is a version of the software for primary schools. A simpler and more cost effective solution for use in the primary sector.

I also thought I would flag up this Dartfish case study  from Julie Howell of Dartfish being used in Evesham High School. Some interesting ideas such as the Dartfish leaders course and some examples of using it across the school in different departments

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