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A National PE Wiki your subject needs you

Posted by drilly on March 12, 2008


In a recent post about Higher and Int 2 resources I alluded to the Banchory PE wiki and the possibility of sharing resources by creating a PE swap shop. Well Lorna, Scott and Barry three teachers working in Scottish schools have taken it upon themselves to develop a wiki to share PE resources Obviously Banchory Academy has willingly contributed to this resource but here is my challenge will you do likewise. We have the chance to create something unique to benefit us all. If you have something to contribute to the site email it to Lets go for it and build an incredible online resource for everyone.

3 Responses to “A National PE Wiki your subject needs you”

  1. Lorna said

    We need you help to build this website with as much information as possible for our pupils to help them revise over the Easter holidays and leading up to their exams in May. Please send any resources to as soon as possible!

  2. Will Kay said

    A massive thanks to Iain for all of his great work in developing and promoting physical education during his time with LTS.

    Well done Iain and all the best back at Banchory


  3. […] Most of what I talked to today can be found in this previous post. I also think you will find this post  interesting. Don’t forget to click on the ICT IN PE tag in the tag cloud for more useful […]

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