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Higher, Int2 and Standard Grade PE resources

Posted by drilly on February 18, 2008

The Education Network run by Aberdeen University has aten.jpg range of support materials including Higher and Int2 PE resources for pupils and staff. This includes a photocopiable booklets  a selection of  candidate questions and sample scripts, PowerPoint slideshows,  Interactive Whiteboard files, include activities such as ‘finding missing items’; ‘matching’; ‘determining sequence and structure’ and ‘on-field tactics’.



There is also a resource for Standard Grade PEsgphysicaled.jpg It contains explanations, guidance and examples on the following elements of the course.

  • Practical Performance
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Evaluating

The packs cost about £100.

If like me you like your resources free then have a look at our Higher wiki and our Standard Grade Wiki you can help yourself to the resources as long as you make reference to their origin. If you do use some of our resources how about repaying the compliment and giving us access to some of your resources. Who knows we could start a PE swap shop!

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