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SQA Understanding Standards Website

Posted by drilly on January 27, 2008

I am not sure how aware PE teachers are of the existence of the SQA understanding standards website 

The PE pages contain information on Intermediate 1 & 2 and Higher. The site has an overview of “Analysis and Development of performance” in all 4 areas of the course and also has examples of external exam questions with pupil responses that you can practice marking, then compare your grades to official markers grades. The site also provides the same facility for practical performance but you have to log in to access videos of pupils performing. The SQA coordinator for your establishment should be able to provide you with the login details. My only criticism is that there are not more examples and more up to date examples.

One Response to “SQA Understanding Standards Website”

  1. […] In the afternoon I led an ICT workshop I promised that I would write everything that I referred to. You can read it all and a bit more on this previous post the only thing that is missing is the SQA understanding standards website you can get more info and the link from this post. […]

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