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Sunday Herald PE article

Posted by drilly on December 16, 2007

I was interviewed last week for an article PE teachers look for a Wii bit of help in today’s Sunday Herald 16/12/07. I must admit I am a bit disappointed with the title and the article. The article focuses on what was a relatively small part of the interview. I did mention the use of Wii’s etc when asked about it and said they had potential in extra curricular activity clubs and as a possible hook for some disengaged pupils as a possible means to getting them back in to activity and a stepping stone to engage with other activities. I did say that I would not envisage  a class of 30 pupils standing in front of  games consoles during a PE lesson. The article also gives the impression that this will be a major focus of the PE conference on the 19th of December but it will not be. The conference is multi-faceted looking at motivating learners, show casing interesting practice from around the country and offering delegates the chance to reflect on their own practice to move “physical education forward”. In the interview what I spoke at length about how we can use technology to enhance learning in physical education. Using new technologies to help pupils understand and develop their performance. Using new technologies and software to develop resources and multi-media lessons. Using web based tools like blogs and wikis to extend the learning experience beyond the timetabled lesson and provide 24 hour access to learning resources. I also discussed using the much maligned resources such as mobile phones and videos from YouTube and educating the pupils how to use them positively within their learning. I said that PE teachers should consider how they could engage with technology and ICT more but it was a challenge for many due to hardware and infrastructure constraints within PE departments. I certainly did not say that they could be more creative in engaging with pupils such as introducing computer games. In fact I defended the profession and went on to explain about the many innovative activities that teachers were adopting to engage pupils. I  spent a significant part of the interview discussing the wealth of different activities that schools across Scotland are starting to deliver alongside the traditional activities as they move to provide stimulating experiences and more choice for pupils to develop curricula that better meet their needs. It was a shame that the article did not quite come across how I envisaged it would.

3 Responses to “Sunday Herald PE article”

  1. I’ve been misquoted or “narrow quoted” by the Herald twice now, and feel your frustration. At least you have the blog to put your side of the story and let us know – every day if you want to – how technology is making one subject the way I wish it had been when I was at school!

  2. Cheers Ewan

  3. Russell Imrie said

    I spotted the article in the Herald on Sunday and got the impression that the Wii was one day going to be the new PE teacher! A colleague of mine runs a Wii after school club within the computing department and it works to good effect, they may have their place one day…

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