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From Little Acorns Big Oak Trees Grow (PE Blogs)

Posted by drilly on December 5, 2007

It has been a rather lonely existence as a PE blogger in Scotland. Until recently the only other regular blogs I was aware of were the Preston Lodge High School sports blog and the Musselburgh Grammar Sports Blog. I could claim Don Ledingham as he was a PE teacher however his blog rarely strays into PE and why should it as his responsibility is for all educational experiences now.

These blogs emanate from East Lothian which is undoubtedly the leading light in Scotland. However the picture is not quite so good in some other authorities I have been in schools in 3 separate authorities in the last week. In Dumfries & Galloway I could not access my blog. However after my visit a member of staff informed me they had got the blog unrestricted in their school, hopefully they will have a go at blogging for themselves. In Fife and Angus I could access my blog but all the formatting pictures and videos were stripped out.

Therefore it is maybe not surprising that there are not more PE teachers blogging. Back in October I got the Banchory Academy PE department blog up and running to support Higher and Int 2 course work. Then this week I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Russell Imrie from Lenzie Academy. Russell is writing 3 blogs check them out. 

Higher and Int 2 blog           Standard Grade Blog          U16 Football blog

I also stumbled across Olwen Fraser’s Blog which she has just started after reading my blog. I hope this is the start of something and more PE teachers give it a go. If there are other PE teachers out their blogging I would love to hear from you.

3 Responses to “From Little Acorns Big Oak Trees Grow (PE Blogs)”

  1. I am a professor of educational technology with a class full of student teachers preparing to be health and physical education teachers and coaches. I am having them create their own blogs. Have you found any other good PE blogs?

  2. drilly said

    Hi Lynne I have only found a few PE blogs always looking for more. When your students get up and running get them to link to this blog or post a comment directing me to their blogs so we could possibly get a PE & sport network.

  3. Iain, I will definitely check back in with you…HPE majors in tow.

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