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SQA Physical Education Course Report and Principal Assessors Reports

Posted by drilly on November 27, 2007

The SQA has published Principal Assessors reports and the course report on PE you can access the reports here. Below is the general summary from the PE subject report.

There is a very encouraging uptake trend at all levels of courses in Physical Education, candidate entries have increased in 2007.

Evidence shows that Centres are becoming more comfortable with the demands of the question papers at all National Qualification levels and candidates’ responses are demonstrating improved performances. At all levels, the Principal Assessors’ reports have commented on the difficulty that candidates have in giving full responses to questions about applied knowledge. This is an area where there could be improvement

The Practical Performance at all levels continues to be a great strength of the course and many candidates perform at levels above the course entry. Visiting verifiers commented on the very high standard of teachers’ understanding of national standards and commend them for the professional way in which they hosted the events. Central Verification of Analysis and Development of Performance Unit (NAB) showed that candidates’ work was better than in previous years.

We continue to provide support centres and have published new exemplification of candidates’ responses to (NABs) at Intermediate 1 / 2 and Higher levels on the website as well as candidate responses to the NABs and Report at Advanced Higher level.

New material at Higher, Intermediate 1 / 2 levels is currently being produced for the Understanding Standards Website.

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