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The simplest and quickest podcasting tool ever? And its Free!!

Posted by drilly on November 16, 2007

Here is something for anyone who wants to create an audio file and publish it online easily and quickly. Say and Post is so simple to use even I managed and I have never podcast anything before listen to my dulcet tones. To create all you have to do is download the software record your clip and upload it to the Say and Post server all done via the simple interface below. You are provided with a link to the audio file to copy and paste in your blog or website and thats it. Easy or what?


4 Responses to “The simplest and quickest podcasting tool ever? And its Free!!”

  1. AB said

    What a fantastic app! I was recently scratching my head for a group of teachers that had no online storage they could use. Great tip Iain 🙂

  2. Russell Imrie said

    Is this possible to use for a mac?

  3. I dont think so Russell

  4. […] around creating audio files Say and Post quite simply the easiest way to get audio content online read my previous post for more info. I mentioned Textaloud MP3 and how I used it as a text reader and its ability to […]

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