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Teachmeet 07 What a night!

Posted by drilly on September 20, 2007

1059930003_59d7ea5db5_m.jpgWhat a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening. I thought my 7 minutes was going to end before it even started (The curse of being a lowly PC user in the company of Mac users). However I did my bit on Dartfish  and how we use the media books in PE and also their potential within other subjects. I only skimmed the surface of this fantastic software application anyone who wants more details about the software post me a comment and I will get back to you.

logo.gifIf you are going to the Learning Festival Dartfish has a stand. and there is a presentation on the LTS stand at 12.20 p.m. on Thursday under the title PE.


I felt humbled and enthused by the fantastic work that the presenters shared last night and it showed me how far I have to go to catch up. More than this it confirmed how far I want to go and use technology to enhance what I and others do within physical education. For example google earth and google maps tied in with cross country and orienteering and mobile technology. For example pupils run an orienteering course with their mobile phone and have to take a photo of the designated control point rather than punch a card. When they get back to school they could check their photos against a google map with the photos attached at the control points. The mobile phone would also add an additional level of safety in case of injury, getting lost or indeed setting a timer indicating when they must start return to school. I will no doubt be picking Ollie Brays brain about this one if he has the time!

dobelogo.gifI also want to hook up with the DO IT BE IT team to investigate the Do Be’s potential use for PE in terms of a learning and revision tool. My previous post alludes to this but hopefully having made the contact we can investigate taking this forward.



It has also enthused me to learn how I can blog more effectively and creatively.


6 Responses to “Teachmeet 07 What a night!”

  1. Krysia said

    Hi Iain, thanks for showing us how you are using dartfish. I really enjoyed your presentation and it has given me lots of ideas. Sorry I never really spoke to you at teachmeet but it seemed to be over very quickly! I would be interested in how you got the kids using this software. Is it just in PE or is it schoolwide? Also you mentioned records of achievement, what do you intend with this? Also, I was looking about their site, what license do you have and what do you recommend, how much did this cost app? Any other advise or tips would be welcome!


  2. drilly said

    Krysia if you want to chat further about Dartfish call me at LTScotland 01382 443613 or 07811214. We are only using dartfish in PE but its use in other departments will be developed. We have had no issues getting the pupils to use the software they love it. What I didn’t show was that system has a remote control that can be used to gather and analyse clips so the pupils can access the software very quickly and simply. We use “team pro” and “classroom” with 30 licences which are consecutive so it can be used on any machine in the school but locks out once the 30th machine is in use. This is very useful for us as we don’t always get access to the IT suite so we can go to the library or business studies and still use the software. If you are going to go for the software try a joint bid with PE go for pro suite and classroom package I don’t know the costs as there are various deals (and you can even rent the software which gives you free updates) but I can put you in touch with some one who does. There are cheaper options than pro suite it just depends what you want to do with the software.

  3. OllieBray said

    I like this orienteering idea and also the idea of linking in the GPS. Lets keep this idea at the back of our heads and maybe think of a time to meet up to discuss it in more detail before the end of the year.

  4. drilly said

    I definitely want to try and take this forward and would really like to meet up and discuss the possibilities with you at some point Ollie.

  5. OllieBray said

    Hi Iain, fancy coming through to MGS for a meeting about the orienteering. I’d also like to chat more about Dartfish and how we might start using it at MGS. Speak to you soon. Ollie

  6. drilly said

    Ollie I am definitely up for that lets try and get a time and date sorted.

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