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Fit for reporting

Posted by drilly on September 11, 2007

Many schools have been profiling pupils fitness for a number of years but few do much with the information. Notable exceptions have been Staff at Stonelaw Academy who have used the information to form the basis of a study into changes in pupils levels of fitness over a number of years. They also use the information as part of their approach to streaming of pupils to offer more targeted and appropriate PE lessons.

I read with interest the article in last weeks TESS about Wallace Hall Academy who are informing parents of the pupils  fitness levels. After testing, each pupil receives an individualised “fitness profile” showing his or her results against the yearly average. Parents can read about their child’s fitness in school reports, next to the assessments of progress in traditional subjects. The fitness profiles include tips to improve fitness levels and parents are asked to help implement these. Parents, pupils and staff all seem to responding positively to the initiative and benefits are being noticed. The next stage is to incorporate monitoring of the pupils diet and nutrition.

2 Responses to “Fit for reporting”

  1. alan clark said

    Health and fitness checks.

    In Highland all p7 pupils recieve bi annual health and fitness checks from the active schools team.
    Children are then actively encouraged to be physically active to participate in the out of hours physical activity and sport programmes run in schools and in the community.

    The checks are sensitively handled and children enjhoy the activities which are often run alongside activity sessions.

    Data is collected in order to feed back to pupils ,parents,schools and to the Highland Council Corporate plan .We endevour to inprove the fitness levels of the yopung people and provide the adbvice towards healthier and motre active lifestyles.The checks are often done in conjuvnction with P.E staff and secondary schools are in many cases continuing the checks when children move to the secondary school.

    We do not check childrens weight but do allow them to access scales if they wish.

    Children are encouraged to beat their personal bests for the checks and complete a recording card as they conduct the tests.

    Want more info

    Alan Clark
    Active Schools Manager/P.E subject supporter
    Highland Council
    01349 868616

  2. drilly said

    Alan thanks for this really interesting I wonder how many other schools or local authorities are doing work like this?

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