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Developing a Scottish PE Association

Posted by drilly on September 11, 2007


Further to my previous post about AfPE Scotland I have received an invite from Mike Jess to extend to all in the PE profession to attend a second national meeting with a view to taking forward the development of a national PE association in Scotland.

The Association for Physical Education Scotland (AfPE Scotland): National Meeting
All interested parties are invited to discuss the formation of
AfPE Scotland.

The meeting will take place on Saturday 15 September 2007 from 14.00-16.30hrs in Room 3.24 at

The Scottish Centre for Physhical Education, University of Edinburgh, Holyrood Road Edinburgh

A map of the venue is included in the following web link:

This national meeting will focus on recent AfPE developments, reports from the series of regional meetings and key decisions about the formation of the new Association.

This is an extremely important time for physical education in Scotland and it is essential the profession is able to make a significant contribution to national and regional debates.
I would therefore encourage you to attend the meeting.
Please contact Rosemary Bree on 0131-651-6002 or at to confirm your attendance at the meeting

Mike Jess

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