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Dartfish Presentation in North Ayrshire

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007


Spent an enjoyable hour or so in Irvine today demonstrating and discussing Dartfish to a group of North Ayrshire PE staff. Showed how the software can be used to support learning and teaching in core and  certificate PE and demonstrated the brilliant media-books you can produce with the software. Anyone who wants more information can contact me at or go to the dartfish website

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BERA Special Interest Group PE & Sport

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I had the enjoyable experience of attending the Invisible college! A BERA special interest group event about PE & Sport. It was attended by some the top academics and researchers in physical education and sport from around the world. The event was very enjoyable though I felt pretty inadequate in the company with more letters after their names than the countdown conundrum! The Keynote was delivered by the eminent researcher professor Doune McDonald from Australia which focused on issues of ethnicity in PE research.

I attended a forum chaired by Will Kay from Stirling university which discussed the case for and merits of PE versus sport. The presenters were 

Simon Bicknell – John Moores University Liverpool arguing the case for PE 

Hazel Williamson – YST Scotland arguing the case for sport.

View the powerpoint from the presentation below my first attempt at using slideshare . A really good debate ensued.

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American Pupils Blogging About PE

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes! A copule of American high school pupils blogging about making PE more engaging relevant and exciting. Some interesting ideas. Read The Blog

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National PE Conference Body Combat and Cheer Leading

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007

This week I had the privilege of watching two young enthusiastic and motivated PE ma.jpgteachers delivering alternative activities with groups of pupils. David Taylor at ST Columba’s School in Perth introduced me to the energetic and exciting fitness activity of body combat. An exercise and fitness activity that uses martial arts kicks, punches, blocks, jumps, and turns set to high tempo funky beats. I thought it was brilliant it was engaging it was energetic and what a fitness work out.

Kelly Whittington at Graeme High in Falkirk blew away all my misconceptions aboutcheer.jpg Cheer Leading. What I saw was absolutely fantastic, not a pom-pom or ra-ra in sight. What I saw was a dynamic activity incorporating lifts, jumps, stunts and balances taught in such an enthusiastic and engaging manner that all the girls gave of their all. As well as developing complex technical skills, it was an incredibly demanding workout for the girls. The girls were all shapes and sizes and levels of ability but everyone worked to their full capabilities and were challenged to do so by an effervescent committed teacher.

You can see both these teachers working with their pupils in the practical workshops at the National PE Conference on the 19th December at Stirling University and Management Centre

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Physical Activity, Exercise and Learning through the Lifecourse Conference

Posted by drilly on September 27, 2007


29 October 2007

Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling

The forum will examine physical activity as an essential part of lifelong learning. It will focuses on the importance of regular and sustained physical activity throughout life for both the physiological and psychological well-being for individuals of all ages. One theme will be an investigation of how this is, or is not, provided for post school. Another theme will involve reviewing how schools prepare, or fail to prepare, individuals to take control of this aspect of their lives as they get older. This will include different views and intervention strategies of how to address this issue both at school and post-school.

Further Information and Online booking

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Sports Entrepreneurs SQA on-line Football Store Game

Posted by drilly on September 24, 2007

This is an on-line business game based on how to successfully run a ‘virtual’ sports store, concentrating mainly on the season-long fortunes of Scotland’s senior football clubs. The Scottish version, backed by clubs including Aberdeen, Celtic, Dundee United, Hearts, Motherwell, Rangers and Partick Thistle, is based on the pioneering work of The Small Business Company (TSBC) in New Zealand.  TSBC are involved in the trailblazing Scottish game, the first new version to be developed anywhere outside New Zealand.

Over 11,000 pupils from some 280 schools across Scotland have already signed up for this exciting game that aims to teach business and enterprise skills.  By running the sports store, students can learn what works in business and what doesn’t; experiment with different tactics to see the impact of their decisions; and learn what it is like to run a small business.  Given the support of Scotland’s clubs, students can also choose to have their ‘virtual’ store decked out in the colours of their favourite team.

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Teachmeet 07 What a night!

Posted by drilly on September 20, 2007

1059930003_59d7ea5db5_m.jpgWhat a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening. I thought my 7 minutes was going to end before it even started (The curse of being a lowly PC user in the company of Mac users). However I did my bit on Dartfish  and how we use the media books in PE and also their potential within other subjects. I only skimmed the surface of this fantastic software application anyone who wants more details about the software post me a comment and I will get back to you.

logo.gifIf you are going to the Learning Festival Dartfish has a stand. and there is a presentation on the LTS stand at 12.20 p.m. on Thursday under the title PE.


I felt humbled and enthused by the fantastic work that the presenters shared last night and it showed me how far I have to go to catch up. More than this it confirmed how far I want to go and use technology to enhance what I and others do within physical education. For example google earth and google maps tied in with cross country and orienteering and mobile technology. For example pupils run an orienteering course with their mobile phone and have to take a photo of the designated control point rather than punch a card. When they get back to school they could check their photos against a google map with the photos attached at the control points. The mobile phone would also add an additional level of safety in case of injury, getting lost or indeed setting a timer indicating when they must start return to school. I will no doubt be picking Ollie Brays brain about this one if he has the time!

dobelogo.gifI also want to hook up with the DO IT BE IT team to investigate the Do Be’s potential use for PE in terms of a learning and revision tool. My previous post alludes to this but hopefully having made the contact we can investigate taking this forward.



It has also enthused me to learn how I can blog more effectively and creatively.


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Abronhill High School Mountain biking in PE lessons

Posted by drilly on September 20, 2007

Abronhill High school in North Lanarkshire has entered in to partnership with the Forestry Commission and Cycling Scotland to deliver a programme of Mountain Biking as part of their PE curriculum. Read about it in this article in The Scotsman. Yet again another example of a PE department thinking outside the box to adopt alternative activities to engage their pupils. The Forestry Commission is developing some fantastic mountain biking resources all over Scotland Check them out here

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Sports Schools: An International Review

Posted by drilly on September 13, 2007


Further to my post Sports Academies in Scotland if you are interested you can download the report Sports schools: An international Review . The report is located on the Scottish Institute Sport Foundation website In the Winning Zone a great site full of news, intersting articles, video clips and much more. This site is a must if you are interested in what is happening in Scottish sport. 


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Fit for reporting

Posted by drilly on September 11, 2007

Many schools have been profiling pupils fitness for a number of years but few do much with the information. Notable exceptions have been Staff at Stonelaw Academy who have used the information to form the basis of a study into changes in pupils levels of fitness over a number of years. They also use the information as part of their approach to streaming of pupils to offer more targeted and appropriate PE lessons.

I read with interest the article in last weeks TESS about Wallace Hall Academy who are informing parents of the pupils  fitness levels. After testing, each pupil receives an individualised “fitness profile” showing his or her results against the yearly average. Parents can read about their child’s fitness in school reports, next to the assessments of progress in traditional subjects. The fitness profiles include tips to improve fitness levels and parents are asked to help implement these. Parents, pupils and staff all seem to responding positively to the initiative and benefits are being noticed. The next stage is to incorporate monitoring of the pupils diet and nutrition.

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