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A PE Association for Scotland

Posted by drilly on August 22, 2007

We are in the unfortunate position in Scotland of having  limited representation and no national voice for our subject. The demise of the Scottish PE association has left us in limbo. In the absence of such a body SLANOPE is the only organisation with any sort of national profile and has soldiered on with limited resources and limited political weight. This is by no means a slight on SLANOPE as it was never really concieved to be a national voice for the PE profession it evolved from the demise of the PE Advisers Association to continue to provide support to the local authorities.

There are however moves afoot to to develop a Scottish affiliation to afPE and have access to all the resources, quarterly publications and support this association provides to its members in England. There is also no doubt that they also have a powerful political voice in England which we do not have in Scotland.


Is this a positive move worth supporting? The Scottish PE profession will have the opportunity to consider this in the coming months with a series of regional presentations planned around the country. The best part of this is it will be the PE teachers in Scotland themselves who will determine whether this happens or not as without the support of a paying membership the Scottish association cannot exist. Get on to the afPE website and attend one of the regional events to find out more. I will post more information when I receive it.

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  1. […] to my previous post about AfPE Scotland I have received an invite from Mike Jess to extend to all in the PE profession […]

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