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The Cone Man Cometh

Posted by drilly on August 16, 2007


I had a meeting today with the “cone man” Ralf Klinnert from Funky Moves a wireless interactive programmable cone system.

The basic version of Funky Moves consists of electronic base units, utilising innovative wireless technology in a robust, safe and easy-to-use package. The cones incorporate lights, sound and a touch pad and are controlled by a programmable remote control. This allows the cones to be set up for different games and uses. cones.jpg

Examples for uses for PE:

  • Innovative running games for competing teams
  • Collaborative team relay tasks
  • Next generation fitness tests with automatic individual performance recording
  • Interactive obstacle course

The System is still very much in the prototype stage but has been piloted in 3 schools including St Ninians Primary in Stirling featured in the video clip.

The development process continues apace the next prototype will incorporate a timing mechanism and possible future models will incorporate a distance sensor all of which could have cross curricular applications in numeracy, science and PE. Imagine for example how much more fun it would be learning about the speed/distance/time equations in a practical active lesson whilst developing fitness and skills. Or using ICT skills to develop a new game programme the remote control then actually play the game.

Edinburgh University Physical Education Sport and Leisure Studies Department are involved in developing the games and lessons resources to support the use of the technology.

There will also be software developed that will allow users/children to develop their own games and them upload them to the remote control to play the games.

The Scottish Institute of Sport will be involved in a case study to investigate the impact of the technology on childrens fitness levels.

It all sounds exciting and Ralf will be looking for some schools to be involved in further case studies and development of the system. My only concern is that it may possibly end up being rather expensive for schools but lets hope not.

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