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Man United Sign 9 Year old Wonder-kid

Posted by drilly on August 2, 2007

There has been a lot of hype about Man United signing 9 year old wonder-kid Rhain Davis. Watching this clip of him playing it is obvious that he is a very talented player and if he is allowed to develop in the same manner he will potentially become a world class footballer. What is interesting in this clip is the debate that follows with regards youngsters development as footballers and I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with many of the points raised. I think we in Scotland could take on board some of the advice being offered by the Aussies! I think we focus too much on the outcome of games at too young an age and I have been disgusted by some of the behaviour of parents on the sideline.

The approach adopted by Ajax is commendable and I have found myself favouring the use of Futebol de Salao (FDS) as part of a core PE programme as I think it is a more engaging and exciting game and encourages more passing and better footwork. My own daughter also attends Socatots a pre-school fundamental movement programme that emanated from the philosophy of  FDS. I thought the programme was excellent as it encompassed so much more than just developing football skills and my daughter loved it. Anyway watch the clip its worth it for all sorts of reasons especially to admire and enjoy the exceptional talent of the young Rhain Davis.

2 Responses to “Man United Sign 9 Year old Wonder-kid”

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  2. Will Wood said

    Thank you for your comments regarding Futebol de Salao and SOCATOTS. I work for the International Confederation of Futebol de Salao, the parent organisation for Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTs, and we feel that both are beyond any other development programme for children of respective ages, and if you would like any further information on either of our programmes, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the e-mail address provided. Nice blog too!

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