PE Sport and Physical Activity in Scotland and beyond


Posted by drilly on July 7, 2007


In my previous post about exergaming I was not sure of the true application of this technology within physical education. However something that is developing out of this genre that I feel could have a viable application in physical education is Futrelabs  portotype Fizzee 

Fizzees (Physical Electronic Energisers) is a prototype project that enables young people to care for a ‘digital pet’ through their own physical actions. In order to nurture their digital pet, keep it healthy and grow, young people must themselves act in physically healthy ways. The fizzee is basically a combination of a Tamagotchi  type pet with a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. The pet grows and develops in relation to how much activity and the intensity of the activity that the wearer engages in. If the wearer engages in sustained activity the pet grows and becomes healthier and happier, if the wearer is inactive the pet regresses and becomes grumpy and lethargic and they lose points. Thus the wearer starts to discover the impact of activity through their own actions. The device can be tailored to each individual in relation to their age, weight and heart rate and the scoring system is based around daily reccommended activity levels. There is also a website where the wearer can upload data bout their Fizzee’s development and compare it to other peoples Fizzees. Through engaging in activity the wearer will not only develop their fitness levels but they will also be educated through the fizzee about the impact of their activity or lack there of. There may also be potential for cross curricular working in particular with science, maths and the use of ICT are obvious. However the fizzee could be a stimulus for creative writing or how about desinging and developing a new avatar as an art or graphic design project. I think Futrelab are on to something here with the Fizzee and I hope that they can secure the funding do develop this idea further. I will be keepimg my eye on this project to see if there is the potential to become involved with some of the piloting.

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