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Angus Council Daily Physical Activity for Primary Schools resource

Posted by drilly on July 7, 2007

I realise the posts have been a bit thin on the ground recently but I aim to make up for this today before I head off on holiday. I was in Angus  last week visiting Ken Mackay during the visit he gave me a copy of  the Angus Daily Physical Activity in Primary Schools Resource. Angus council  produced the pack, which includes a booklet and CD, a few years ago and distributed it to all primary schools. The booklet contains ideas and simple lesson plans for games, basic ball, dance and movement activities which are broken into 20 minute sessions for parents, teachers, classroom assistants etc. The CD is there to accompany aerobics activities and Scottish Country Dance. There are a range of sessions and activities that can be delivered in the classroom, gym or playground. What I like about the resource  appart from the content is: its flexibility, the exemplafication of how the resource can be integrated with PE lessons, how it can be used as a class management system to break up lessons to help with concentration and the fact that this is viewed as an additional enhancement to and not a replacement of PE provision. Ken is more than happy to share the resource for a nominal cost and indeed a number of local authorities have already purchased the resource to supplement their own programmes.

4 Responses to “Angus Council Daily Physical Activity for Primary Schools resource”

  1. Jasmin said

    I have been using this resource for the last few years in the primary school in which I teach in West Dunbartonshire and think it is wonderful. However, I lent it to another member of staff at the start of the year and have never seen it since. How would we get another copy and how much would it cost?

  2. drilly said

    To get another copy contact Ken MacKay in Angus Council I think it costs about £20 drop me an email and I will give yo Kens contact details

  3. Suzanne Mackenzie said

    Is this resource still available? If so, how much would it be to receive a copy?

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