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Do It Be It

Posted by drilly on June 27, 2007


I was reading Laurie O’Donnell’s blog and came across this article about do it – be it. This is an MP4 player that sells at £50 and comes preloaded with a range of audio files covering everything from study skills to relaxation techniquies. Being a PE teacher I was initially drawn to the sport and health applications. The forth comming golf “hole it” resource would probably be very benificial to my floundering game.

As I read on I could envisage it as an extremely useful revision aid for PE to provide general study skills advice and relaxation techniques. The pupils can also record their own revision notes and listen to them and add in music to personalise their revision. I have in the past used Text aloud MP3 to convert text notes to MP3 revision files for my pupils. This was very quick and simple to do but the voices, even the “natural” ones, were irritating to listen to for an extended period. I also experimented with using Audacity which gave better results but was much more time consuming to produce the files.

The do it be it package also has the facility to receive podcasts though I am not sure if there is the scope to create them. I am also not sure if these podcasts will be produced by the company, with subject specific content or whether they will link to existing educational podcasts. It would be great if the company was considering enlisting the services of subject experts to provide specific content.

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