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Posted by drilly on June 26, 2007


My curiosity was tweeked last week when I read a post on our intranet by Ewan McIntosh inviting interested pepople to attend Beer 2.0. I have never been one to shy away from a libation and decided to explore this further. As it turned out it was an informal gathering of people with an interest in IT, webdesign, social media and mobile technologies. I felt a little bit out of my depth but the welcome at Whitespace was warm and the beer supplied by Belhaven was refereshingly cool. It was great to speak to Ewan he is a mine of fascinating information and is web 2.0 educational evangelist.

I also met Tessa Watson a biology teacher and glow mentor who teaches in East Lothian. Tess helpfuly put me on to netvibes a feed aggregator to help me keep up to date with blog posts etc.

However I’m glad I didn’t have too many of Belhaven’s tasty products as Iain from Whitespace showed me a site he had recently finished about alcohol awareness for the Scottish Executive. Try out the drinking time machine its an eye opener. This is a website that could be used in schools during PSE to great effect in my opinion.

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