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Posted by drilly on June 15, 2007

I visited Lornshill Academy in Clackmannanshire today to observe the brand new activity rock-it-ball . Described by its developers as the ultimate catch and throw ball game – a truly unique concept which can be used from simple throw n catch right up to a full blow combat sport.


I observed an S4 class playing the combat team game and it was fast, furious, fun and engaging. The co-ed class were split into teams and pursued each other round the gym playing the combat version. The object of the game was to strike a member from the opposite team with a ball to score a point a bit of a simplistic description for more in depth rules click here. Each game lasted 4 minutes and believe you me this was more than enough time for the pupils to cope with due to the fast moving intense nature of the activity. I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw and feel that the flexible nature of the activity which can be played indoors or outdoors and has different versions of the game (depending on age, skill level and numbers click here for more info) makes it an ideal activity to incorporate within core PE and offers an exciting new alternative activity which seems to engage boys and girls alike. I will certainly be looking to adopt it within my department.

Whats more Scotland have just been crowned the inaugral world champions defeating England in the final.  Check out the video below from the championships I think this game is England against India.

2 Responses to “Rockitball”

  1. suzh said

    Pupils at St Columba’s HS, Perth are beginning to enjoy Rock-iyt-ball. The department has just purchased enough equipment for 20 participants. We are happy for any department to borrow our stuff to try out with your pupils. Our pupils love the whole idea of legally hitting opponents with the tennis balls..I would imagine this would appeal to most pupils..or is it just that the pupils in my school have a cruel streak…!

  2. drilly said

    Suzh thats a very generous offer its about time “we” in the PE teaching profession in Scotland were a bit more pro-active in the sharing of resources and supporting each other.

    The Drilly

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