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That was the week that was

Posted by drilly on June 13, 2007

This week I visited Scotstoun primary in Glasgow to watch a classroom teacher who has developed a specialisim in PE through the post graduate course at Glasgow University. I have heard a number of negative comments about this whole concept of classroom teachers becoming PE specialists but if the lesson I observed is an indication of the quality of teachers the courses at Glasgow and now Edinburgh University are capable of producing then I fully endorse it.

However it does not really come as a suprise to me as the teacher I observed was first and foremost an experienced teacher who understands the development of primary pupils and the post graduate course has allowed him to develop a better knowlegde of physical education to compliment his pedagogy. It was also heartning to meet someone so enthusiastic about the subject that they have  decided that their future now lies within primary physical education. It is also fantastic that he has an extremely supportive headteacher who values the contribution that quality PE can make to the education of a child. As such this classroom teacher is now a fulltime teacher of physical education within the primary. 

A significant part of last week was also spent marking the SQA Higher PE papers. The general feeling was that this was a fair paper and that the  students seemed to cope reasonably well with it.

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