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Highlights of the week

Posted by drilly on June 1, 2007

This week I have been round various parts of Scotland meeting and presenting. Wednesday was a particularly interesting day. The morning was spent at the Edinburgh City PE conference which I have to say was a most enjoyable event. The keynote was presented by Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey from Roehampton University a man whose C.V. of research books and publications is impressively extensive to say the least. I really enjoy listening to Richard speak as his philosophy, insights, observations and research strike a real chord with me. You feel that you are listening to a man who has been there and actually walked the walk and developed his ideas from practical experience. It is refreshing to listen to an academic mind that is not so far removed from the reality of the teaching and learning process that their ideas become obscurely ideological. I also like his style of delivery punctuated with anecdotes and humour. If you ever get the chance to hear Richard speak I would thouroughly recommend it. Teachers in Scotland will have access to Richards keynote delivery from the 2006 National PE conference from a series of DVDs produced by Learning and Teaching Scotland. The set of 3 DVDs also contain Keynotes fron Frank Hadden  head coach Scottish Rugby and Donnie Macleod HMIe and practical workshops from the nursery, primary, secondary and additional needs sectors.

Wednesday afternoon was spent delivering a presentation at the Dartfishusers conference. It was great to spend an afternoon with like minded professionals who have are striving to drive forward the use of ICT in PE and across other area of the curriculum. The whole area of ICT and its use to support the delivery of PE is one that really enthuses me and when used appropriately I feel enhances the subject, motivates the pupils and supports their learning.

On Wednesday evening I met an extremely interesting gentleman Marc Matoza who introduced me to his eCoachingweb based platform. The power of this web based software blew me away it can support live coaching and analysis over the Internet, share training schedules that include video, text, audio and still images and incorporates calenders with similar cababilities to outlook and facilitates an incredible capacity for dialouge between teacher and learner. This barely does  justice to the capacities of this software which is being used extensively in the world of professional golf and tennis. As Marc and I talked it became evident in our opinion that there is also scope to adopt this platform for use within Education.

Thursday I visited Bankhead Primary School in Glasgow to follow up on a good practice lead and I was not dissapointed. I watched the visiting specialist Irene Baker deliver a wonderful basketball lesson. The school also benifits from services of a classroom teacher who completed the initial pilot of the primary post graduate PE qualification in Glasgow. There is now a similar course being run at Edinburgh University as well.

I then spent some time with the Headteacher Elsie Tysen her support and vision has ensured that all pupils receive 2hrs of quality PE per week. What a pleasure it was to visit an establishment that really valued the contribution that PE can make to a childs education.

This evening (Friday) I was out test riding a mountain bike with a view to buying it. Since I have recently retired from competitive rugby I need find something to relplace it to allow me to blow off a little steam and halt the spread of my expanding waistline. I reckon with a little more practice I could manage some of these moves!

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