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Can computer games promote activity?

Posted by drilly on May 27, 2007

Some computer games require the player to be more active than just flexing fingers. Can we use these to engage children in an active lifestyle? Is this just a fad? Can they or should they be incorporated within schools contributing to PE programmes or to help children achieve daily physical activity targets? I dont know all the answers to these questions. The physical educationalist in me would question what learning is taking place whilst playing a game or copying a pre-determined dance routine. However having busted some moves on the dance mat and played some of the Playstation eyetoy and Nintendo wii games I can vouch for the energy expenditure, the fun and engagement and through extended use I believe there could be health benifits. 

Check out this video it may give you a different perspective on computer games.

 I also  believe there is the potential to develop hand eye coordination, balance and aid motor skill development with some of these games such as wii sports and anti grav. Through eyetoy kinetic there is both the potential to develop fitness and enhance knowledge and understanding of the subject.  I also think there may be some milage in using these games as a hook for the disengaged to encourage them to to participate in activity. In particular using the dance mats with girls would seem an obvious choice. Though the popurarity of urban dance is growing just as quickly with boys. Check out the BBC blast website there are just as many boys uploading dance clips as there are girls.

I also love this dance clip for its inspirational qualities so I can understand why children engage with this whole street urban genre.

I don’t ever envisage replacing high quality PE teaching with computer games, for one the cost to provide access for classes of 30 pupils would be prohibitive. I am however open to trying new ideas, engaging with technology and attempting to stimilulate children to enjoy being active and to participate and learn through activity. I believe that investigating the use of this technology may provide another dimension to achieving this within a PE department.

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No Pain No Gain

Posted by drilly on May 25, 2007

Physical activity is good for your body it keeps you fit and healthy!!

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