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Kick off!

Posted by drilly on April 18, 2007

This is my first attempt at blogging and was encouraged to try it out after visiting Don Ledingham in East Lothian to discuss matters of a physical education nature which evolved into discussing sharing of information. I also have to mention a work colleague Derek Robertson who introduced me to wordpress as a start point. Derek is investigating gaming and its potential to enhance education read his blog hotmilkydrink. Derek and I will be collaborating on a project in the near future looking at using wireless dance mats to engage young people within physical activity watch this space for more details. His blog also contains some interesting articles on exertainment  and using computer games in PE. Derek is also responsible for introducing me to the joys of guitar hero on the playstation and the delights of the nintendo wii.

My main area of interst is Physical Education and I have been working to support the subject across Scotland. Check out the recently launched Physical Education website at Learning and Teaching Scotland also have a look at my delicious bookmarks for a range of interesting sites and articles

I also have a healthy (no pun intended) interest in ICT and have been using dartfish and birchfield software and various other software, hardware and web based resources for a number of years as part of my teaching within physical education. 

Dont know where I am going to go with this blog lets just see what develops.

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  1. Drilly said

    I am just checking the process of submitting a comment but also need to thank Ron Cowie another work colleague for advising me about my blog. Check out Rons blog

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